“Love is always patient.” (1 Cor 13, 4)


     Tobias and Sarah are a couple that really wants a true and lasting happiness and believes that love has no hurry; it is calm.

      When God calls for something far greater than you can imagine and want, the selfish soul can feel its weakness, fear of the unknown, aversion to resignation. Thus it is necessary, first of all, to expand your horizons and heart to overcome everything and accept a holy vocation, as is marriage.

     Both man and woman, certain that it is not a battle we fight alone, recognize that they need the grace, that is slowly dissipating selfishness, desire of excessive pleasure, anxious and reckless haste in order to produce a mature relationship, with the help of God and the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Patience.

      For such great work, it requires patience to understand God's purposes and to overcome the natural inclinations, and especially to wish a great love, capable of ensuring the happiness over a lifetime.

Patience obtains all things.” (Saint Teresa, Way to Perfection)


    God, my Lord, help me to understand that I am not abandoned at the mercy of an empty destiny and that above all, You love me and plan to me a supernatural destiny, a holy and happy vocation.

     Give me patience, which is a fruit of the Spirit, that I may learn to wait the realization of the silent and mysterious grace and can be mature and faithful to Your will.

     My Mother, Lady of Charity, help me take care of your daughter, loving her and respecting her every day of my life.


     God, my Lord, help me to understand that I'm never alone and I have a Loving and Patient Mother who strengthens me and teaches me to imitate her. Give me the patience that is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Make me learn to wait the realization of his silent and mysterious grace, so I can be mature and faithful to his will.

     Help me, Our Lady of Charity, to expand my heart to overcome fear, anxiety and insecurity that makes me too weak to temptation.

     Help me to take care of your son, loving him and respecting him every day of my life


Blessed be your purity, may it be blessed forever, for no less than God takes delight, in such exalted beauty. To you, heavenly Princess,Holy Virgin Mary, I offer on this day my whole heart, life and soul. Look upon me with compassion, do not leave me, my Mother. Amen.

Pray three times “Hail Mary”

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